January 14, 2011, 1:55 pm
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the end =)


This is happening.
October 13, 2010, 1:48 am
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New blog post? Say whatttt?

Life has changed a lot since my last entry.

I feel like no one really reads this mass of bullshit anymore, so that makes this a little less of a blog and a little more of a journal. I’m okay with that.

I can’t figure out if I’ve hit a metaphorical plateau or an edge of a cliff in my life right now. All I know is I either have to climb upwards or close my eyes, hope for the best, and take a leap. Whatever. Lame metaphors aside, I feel something has to change. Don’t get me wrong- I am extremely happy with who I am and what I’m doing at this very second, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m satisfied. I have become a lot more self-aware this past month. A lot of that has to do with situations I have gone through that have made me grow up a bit too fast, but most of it has to do with the beautiful people I have been surrounding myself with. I’ve come to a point in my life where I want to be constantly challenged as a person. I want people in my life who know me and care about me enough to say, “Hey. You suck at this. Fix it.” Constructive criticism? Tough love? Whatever it’s called. I want that. The hard part about finding these people is it can be very easy to confuse a person who cares about you so much they want to tear you apart and help you rebuild yourself into a stronger, more complete soul with a person who cares about themselves so much they want to tear you apart to build themselves up. I’ve been around one too many versions of “that” person lately. It scares me I still can’t see through them from day one, or even week/month/year one.

Since this has been a popular subject of 90% of my previous blog posts, I thought I should just add I still have no idea what I’m doing with my life. HOWEVER, I’ve come to find a new appreciation for the fine arts and am without a single DOUBT certain that I need to do something that involves dance/music/theatre for the rest of my life. That doesn’t mean I want to preform. This might actually mean I never want to step foot on a stage as a performer again. I honestly don’t care to have it figured out right now. I’m doing this new thing where I’m accepting that where I am and what I’m doing is going to all make sense eventually. I hope.

Too much rambling.

I ended with this Jack Johnson lyric last post, but it seems fitting and appropriate for where I am right now. I also enjoy a good contrast of how a lyrics meaning can change in 5 months.




5 months. Fuck.

We can park the van and walk to town
Find the cheapest bottle of wine that we could find
And talk about the road behind
How getting lost is not a waste of time

Rawr =)
May 25, 2010, 2:46 am
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I always say I’m going to update this more and then I don’t. Awesome.

Schools done. 2.99999. Suck it. Wisdom teeth are out. Drainage is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed. 2 days until I’m reunited with Zach. Schwing. Bored as shit. What else is new.

I think I might make a new video tomorrow. Uke cover of Walk Through Hell? It’s happening.

Alright. I’m sleepy. And I never have anything interesting to say. Damn.

Lyric for the road:

And now the feeling that I’m feeling, well it’s feeling like my life is finally mine.
With nothing to go back to we just continue to drive.
Without you I was broken,
But I’d rather be broke down with you by my side.


February 27, 2010, 3:01 am
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I’m tired of hiding.

February 15, 2010, 5:25 am
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I think I want to be a psych major. I don’t know what I’d do with it, but then again, what the hell am I supposed to do with a theatre major? Gotta love my tendencies to be passionate about everything and anything that leads to a future with an unstable lifestyle.

Valentines day was interesting. Lots of surprises. Happy surprises. I think. But when all is said and done, my Valentine and current love of my life is still my Michael Kors watch. Three cheers for materialism.

No, but in all seriousness. Today was one of the best days of my college career. I’m kind of obsessed with how awesome my friends are.
I should probably go to bed. I haven’t done much sleeping this weekend… Its funny how backwards my life is right now- I am exhausted all weekend, and then I catch up on sleep during the school week. Fuck the what??

Lyric for the road:

And you can count me in if your skins a little chilly,

Might sound silly, but I will warm you up with my love.


I’m telling you, from where I sit, you’re one of a kind.
February 13, 2010, 3:02 am
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You always did kind of drive me crazy and it pissed me off cus I let it phase me, but I never wanted my time with you to end.

You and I
February 2, 2010, 5:13 am
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